Fantasy Football Nerd

Fantasy Football Nerd

The Fantasy Football Nerd takes the "wisdom of the crowd" to a new level by aggregating the fantasy football rankings of the best fantasy football sites on the planet, weighting them based upon each site's accuracy, and producing the industry's most accurate fantasy football rankings. Dubbed the "Cliff's Notes of the Industry" by the Washington Post and called the "Best Kept Secret in Fantasy Football" by the New York Times, Fantasy Football Nerd has cemented itself as an industry staple for serious players.

The Nerd compares rankings from sites such as,, CBS Sportsline, FOX Sports, Fantasy Football Calculator, Bruno Boys, Fantasy Football Toolbox, Fantasy Sharks, and more to produce the Internet's best fantasy football rankings system.

TSA Wait Times

TSA Wait Times

Using government data and a bit of Artificial Intelligence (AI), determines the average likely wait time for every airport in the United States.

In addition to security wait times, we're looking at weather and official delay/groundstop programs at each airport. PLUS - we'll let you know which security lines and carriers have TSA PreCheck available!

Fantasy Baseball Nerd

Fantasy Baseball Nerd

We took the underlying technology (NerdRank) from our award-winning fantasy football site and applied it to baseball. The basic gist is this: we compare the rankings and projections of the industry's best experts to produce a consensus. The experts who are most accurate get to have the most influence on our consensus.

The fantasy baseball rankings are also available via API to developers.

Fantasy Basketball Nerd

Fantasy Basketball Nerd

We applied our award-winning NerdRank technology to basketball in the aptly-titled In addition to draft rankings and projections, the unique Player Rater tool allows visitors to compare players each week to help them make their Sit/Start decisions.

As with our other sports-related sites, we provide fantasy basketball rankings via an API for others to consume and utilize within their own applications.

Celebrity Bucks

Celebrity Bucks

If fantasy sports and celebrity news had a baby, it would be named Celebrity Bucks! Celebrity Bucks takes the entertainment news of the world, combines it with the skill and competitiveness of fantasy sports, and tops it off with the prowess of the stock market to create the world's most innovative fantasy celebrity game. Celebrity Bucks works 24/7 to search and aggregate the best celebrity news and gossip from the world's leading celebrity websites. We do this by efficiently scanning the RSS feeds of nearly two hundred high quality websites and comparing their stories to our database of more than 10,000 celebrities.

Stranger Dare

Stranger Dare

Stranger Dare is a game that is meant to be played with friends in an environment full of strangers. Each person takes turns doing a dare that involves strangers. Maybe it's going up to a random stranger and barking at him/her. Maybe you'll have to get a stranger to give you a high five, let you use their phone, or give them an uncomfortably long hug. Whatever the dare, it's going to be entertaining!

The Stranger Dare app can turn any event into one that you'll be talking about for years to come! Get outside your comfort zone with the Stranger Dare game. It's simple to play and is guaranteed to get you and your friends laughing!

Hit the site, grab your friends, and turn an ordinary time into an extraordinary time!

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